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C.01Isothermal dump combustor with swirl
 Author(s): Nejad et al, Year: 1987, Type: EXP
C.023D flow in wedge-plate junction
 Author(s): Anderson & Eaton, Year: 1985, Type: EXP
C.03Plane Wake after a Circular Cylinder
 Author(s): Antonia & Browne, Year: 1985, Type: EXP
C.04Swirling and Non-Swirling Flows in Curved Pipe
 Author(s): Anwer, Year: 1989, Type: EXP
C.05Unsteady Boundary Layer
 Author(s): Brereton & Reynolds, Year: 1988, Type: EXP
C.06Square-Sectioned Duct 180 degree Bend
 Author(s): Choi et al, Year: 1990, Type: EXP
C.07Circular to Rectangular Transition Duct
 Author(s): Davis & Gessner, Year: 1990, Type: EXP
C.08Wing-Body Junction with Separation
 Author(s): Fleming et al , Year: 1988, Type: EXP
C.09Natural Convection Boundary Layer
 Author(s): Tsuji & Nagano, Year: 1987, Type: EXP
C.10Couette Flow with Fixed Wavy Wall
 Author(s): Nakabayashi et al, Year: 1989, Type: EXP
C.11Airfoil Boundary Layer and Wake
 Author(s): Nakayama, Year: 1983, Type: EXP
C.12Vortices in Boundary Layer
 Author(s): Pauley & Eaton, Year: 1987, Type: EXP
C.13Sudden Pipe Expansion
 Author(s): Szczepura, Year: 1985, Type: EXP
C.14Homogeneous Curved Flow
 Author(s): Holloway & Tavoularis, Year: 1990, Type: EXP
C.15Transitional Cascade Flow
 Author(s): Zierke & Deutsch, Year: 1989, Type: EXP
C.16Horizontal Convective Boundary Layer
 Author(s): Schmidt & Schumann, Year: 1988, Type: LES
C.17Laterally Strained Boundary Layers
 Author(s): Pompeo et al, Year: 1992, Type: EXP
C.182D Model Hill Wake Flows
 Author(s): Almeida et al, Year: 1990, Type: EXP
C.19Boundary Layer with Adverse Pressure Gradient
 Author(s): Gasser & Thomann, Year: 1992, Type: EXP
C.20Flat Plate Transitional Boundary Layers
 Author(s): Coupland, Year: 1990, Type: EXP
C.21Sink Flow Boundary Layer
 Author(s): Spalart, Year: 1986, Type: DNS
C.22Boundary Layer in and Downstream from a Convex Bend
 Author(s): Alving et al, Year: 1988, Type: EXP
C.23Boundary Layer in a Concave Bend
 Author(s): Johnson, Year: 1989, Type: EXP
C.24Stably Curved Mixing Layer
 Author(s): Castro & Bradshaw, Year: 1976, Type: EXP
C.25Normally Impinging Jet from a Circular Nozzle
 Author(s): Cooper et al, Year: 1992, Type: EXP
C.26Single Stream Swirling Jet in Still Air
 Author(s): Morse, Year: 1980, Type: EXP
C.27Infinite 35 Degree Swept Wing
 Author(s): Van den Berg et al, Year: 1975, Type: EXP
C.28Pseudo-Eckman Boundary layer
 Author(s): Spalart, Year: 1989, Type: DNS
C.29Time-Periodic Boundary Layer
 Author(s): Jensen et al, Year: 1989, Type: EXP
C.30Backward-Facing Step with Inclined Opposite Wall
 Author(s): Driver & Seegmiller, Year: 1985, Type: EXP
C.31Backward-Facing Step
 Author(s): Le & Moin, Year: 1992, Type: DNS
C.32Channel Flow
 Author(s): Kim et al, Year: 1987, Type: DNS
C.33Constant Pressure Boundary Layer
 Author(s): Spalart, Year: 1987, Type: DNS
C.34Plane Mixing Layer
 Author(s): Bonnet & Delville, Year: 1991, Type: EXP
C.35Plane Wake
 Author(s): Gough & Hancock, Year: 1986, Type: EXP
C.36Plane Couette-Poiseuille Flow
 Author(s): Corenflos et al, Year: 1992, Type: EXP
C.37Pulsed Channel Flow
 Author(s): Tardu et al, Year: 1993, Type: EXP
C.38Circular Air-Air Jet
 Author(s): Anselmet & Fulachier, Year: 1993, Type: EXP
C.39Rotating Homogeneous Turbulence in Axisymmetric Contraction
 Author(s): Leuchter, Year: 1993, Type: EXP
C.40Plane Wake near a Swept Wing
 Author(s): Pailhas et al, Year: 1989, Type: EXP
C.41Flow around Surface-Mounter Cubical Obstacle
 Author(s): Martinuzzi & Tropea, Year: 1992, Type: EXP
C.42Flows over 3D and 2D Hills
 Author(s): Thompson & Lawson, Year: 1990, Type: EXP
C.43Vortex Shedding past Square Cylinder
 Author(s): Lyn, Year: 1992, Type: EXP
C.442D Channel Flow with/without Scalar Transport
 Author(s): Horiuti, Year: 1992, Type: DNS
C.452D Channel Flow with/without Thermal Field
 Author(s): Kasagi & Kuroda, Year: 1992, Type: DNS
C.46Plane Couette-Poiseuille Flow
 Author(s): Kuroda & Kasagi, Year: 1992, Type: DNS
C.47Homogeneous Isotropic Flow with/without Mean Temperature Gradient
 Author(s): Iida & Kasagi, Year: 1992, Type: DNS
C.48Homogeneous Isotropic Flow with Passive Scalar
 Author(s): Miyauchi et al , Year: 1991, Type: DNS
C.49Homogeneous Turbulent Shear Flow
 Author(s): Matsumoto et al, Year: 1992, Type: DNS
C.50Boundary Layer on the Verge of Separation
 Author(s): Dengel & Fernholz, Year: 1989, Type: EXP
C.51Boundary Layer in an S-Shaped Channel
 Author(s): Truong & Brunet, Year: 1989, Type: EXP
C.52Duct Flows with Smooth and Rough Walls
 Author(s): Fujita et al, Year: 1988, Type: EXP
C.53Backward-Facing Inclined Step
 Author(s): Ruck & Makiola, Year: 1992, Type: EXP
C.54Upslope and Vertical Convective Boundary Layer
 Author(s): Schumann, Year: 1990, Type: LES
C.552D Plane Turbulent Wall Jet
 Author(s): Karlsson et al, Year: 1991, Type: EXP
C.56Backward-Facing Step with Uniform Normal Bleed
 Author(s): Yang et al, Year: 1994, Type: EXP
C.57Spinning Body
 Author(s): Driver & Johnston, Year: 1990, Type: EXP
C.58Pipe Contraction
 Author(s): Durst & Wang, Year: 1991, Type: EXP
C.59Swirling Mixing Layer
 Author(s): Mehta et al, Year: 1991, Type: EXP
C.60Swirling Boundary Layer in Conical Diffuser
 Author(s): Clausen et al, Year: 1993, Type: EXP
C.61Wake of a Streamwise Axially Rotating Cylinder
 Author(s): Wood et al, Year: 1994, Type: EXP
C.62Developing Flow in Curved Rectangular Duct
 Author(s): Kim & Patel, Year: 1991, Type: EXP
C.63Wing-Body Junction Flow
 Author(s): Olcmen & Simpson, Year: 1990, Type: EXP
C.64Flow Approaching a Wall-Mounter Circular Cylinder
 Author(s): Dechow & Felsch, Year: 1977, Type: EXP
C.65Turning Flow over a Flat Plate
 Author(s): Muller, Year: 1982, Type: EXP
C.66Strained Flow over a Streamwise Axially Rotating Cylinder
 Author(s): Bissonnette & Mellor, Year: 1974, Type: EXP
C.67Flow over a Streamwise Axially Rotating Cylinder
 Author(s): Lohmann, Year: 1976, Type: EXP
C.68Near-Wake Flow of a V-Gutter with Slit Bleed
 Author(s): Yang & Tsai, Year: 1991, Type: EXP
C.69Flow over Isolated 2D Hill
 Author(s): Khurshudyan et al, Year: 1991, Type: EXP
C.70Flow over Isolated 2D Valley
 Author(s): Khurshudyan et al, Year: 1991, Type: EXP
C.71Turbulent Plane Couette Flow
 Author(s): Bech et al, Year: 1995, Type: DNS
C.72Turbulent Pipe Flow with Swirl
 Author(s): Steenbergen, Year: 1995, Type: EXP
C.73Flat Plate Transitional Boundary Layers
 Author(s): Yang & Voke, Year: 1995, Type: LES
C.74Flow around Inclined Prolate Spheroid
 Author(s): Kreplin, Year: 1993, Type: EXP
C.75Flow Through Axisymmetric Expansions
 Author(s): Stieglmeier et al, Year: 1989, Type: EXP
C.76Flow over a Wavy Wall
 Author(s): Hudson et al, Year: 1995, Type: EXP
C.77Separated Turbulent Flow over a Wavy Wall
 Author(s): Maass & Schumann, Year: 1995, Type: DNS
C.78Flow Through Staggered Tube Bundle
 Author(s): Simonin and Barcouda, Year: 1986, Type: EXP
C.79Turbulent Natural Convection in an Enclosed Tall Cavity
 Author(s): Betts & Bokhari, Year: 1996, Type: EXP
C.80Steady Flow Past Tube Bundles
 Author(s): Balabani, Year: 1996, Type: EXP
C.81Flow over Periodic Hills
 Author(s): L. Temmerman and M.A. Leschziner, Year: 2001, Type: LES
C.82Flow Around a Simplified Car Body (Ahmed Body)
 Author(s): S. Becker, H. Lienhart, C. Stoots, Year: 2000, Type: EXP
C.83Wall-mounted two-dimensional hump with oscillatory zero-mass-flux jet or suction through a slot
 Author(s): Greenblatt et al, Year: 2004, Type: EXP
C.84Turbulent Boundary Layer Flow Over a Cube
 Author(s): Lim and Castro, Year: 2006, Type: EXP
C.85Turbulent Stokes Boundary Layer
 Author(s): Salon, Armenio , Crise, Year: 2007, Type: LES
C.86Surface Pressure in Normal Triangular Tube Arrays
 Author(s): J. Mahon, C. Meskell, Year: 2009, Type: EXP
C.87Flow and Deflection Measurements of FSI-induced Oscillation of Two Rigid Structures in Turbulent Flows
 Author(s): J. Pereira Gomes and H. Lienhart, Year: 2011, Type: EXP
C.88Combined Flow and Deformation Measurements of FSI-induced Oscillation of a Bluff Flexible Structure in Uniform Flows
 Author(s): J. Pereira Gomes and H. Lienhart, Year: 2011, Type: EXP
C.89Torque Scaling in Taylor-Couette Flow
 Author(s): S. Merbold, S. Fischer, C. Egbers, Year: 2011, Type: EXP
C.90Viscous boundary layers in turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convection
 Author(s): L. Li, C. Resagk, R. du Puits, N. Shi, M. S. Emran, J. Schumacher, A. Thess, Year: 2012, Type: EXP
C.91Thermal boundary layers in turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convection at aspect ratios between 1 and 9
 Author(s): R. du Puits, C. Resagk, A. Thess, Year: 2013, Type: EXP
C.92Measurements and numerical determination in differentially rotating wide gap Taylor-Couette flow
 Author(s): S. Merbold, H. J. Brauckmann and C. Egbers, Year: 2013, Type: EXP
C.93The CoLaPipe-The new Cottbus large pipe test facility at Brandenburg University of Technology
 Author(s): F. König, E.-L. Zanoun, E. Öngüner, C. Egbers, Year: 2015, Type: EXP

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