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C.32Channel Flow
 Author(s): Kim et al, Year: 1987, Type: DNS
C.33Constant Pressure Boundary Layer
 Author(s): Spalart, Year: 1987, Type: DNS
C.36Plane Couette-Poiseuille Flow
 Author(s): Corenflos et al, Year: 1992, Type: EXP
C.442D Channel Flow with/without Scalar Transport
 Author(s): Horiuti, Year: 1992, Type: DNS
C.452D Channel Flow with/without Thermal Field
 Author(s): Kasagi & Kuroda, Year: 1992, Type: DNS
C.46Plane Couette-Poiseuille Flow
 Author(s): Kuroda & Kasagi, Year: 1992, Type: DNS
C.71Turbulent Plane Couette Flow
 Author(s): Bech et al, Year: 1995, Type: DNS

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