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C.79Turbulent Natural Convection in an Enclosed Tall Cavity
 Author(s): Betts & Bokhari, Year: 1996, Type: EXP
C.89Torque Scaling in Taylor-Couette Flow
 Author(s): S. Merbold, S. Fischer, C. Egbers, Year: 2011, Type: EXP
C.90Viscous boundary layers in turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convection
 Author(s): L. Li, C. Resagk, R. du Puits, N. Shi, M. S. Emran, J. Schumacher, A. Thess, Year: 2012, Type: EXP
C.91Thermal boundary layers in turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convection at aspect ratios between 1 and 9
 Author(s): R. du Puits, C. Resagk, A. Thess, Year: 2013, Type: EXP
C.92Measurements and numerical determination in differentially rotating wide gap Taylor-Couette flow
 Author(s): S. Merbold, H. J. Brauckmann and C. Egbers, Year: 2013, Type: EXP

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