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C.22Boundary Layer in and Downstream from a Convex Bend
 Author(s): Alving et al, Year: 1988, Type: EXP
C.23Boundary Layer in a Concave Bend
 Author(s): Johnson, Year: 1989, Type: EXP
C.60Swirling Boundary Layer in Conical Diffuser
 Author(s): Clausen et al, Year: 1993, Type: EXP
C.62Developing Flow in Curved Rectangular Duct
 Author(s): Kim & Patel, Year: 1991, Type: EXP
C.83Wall-mounted two-dimensional hump with oscillatory zero-mass-flux jet or suction through a slot
 Author(s): Greenblatt et al, Year: 2004, Type: EXP

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