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C.023D flow in wedge-plate junction
 Author(s): Anderson & Eaton, Year: 1985, Type: EXP
C.08Wing-Body Junction with Separation
 Author(s): Fleming et al , Year: 1988, Type: EXP
C.182D Model Hill Wake Flows
 Author(s): Almeida et al, Year: 1990, Type: EXP
C.41Flow around Surface-Mounter Cubical Obstacle
 Author(s): Martinuzzi & Tropea, Year: 1992, Type: EXP
C.42Flows over 3D and 2D Hills
 Author(s): Thompson & Lawson, Year: 1990, Type: EXP
C.69Flow over Isolated 2D Hill
 Author(s): Khurshudyan et al, Year: 1991, Type: EXP
C.70Flow over Isolated 2D Valley
 Author(s): Khurshudyan et al, Year: 1991, Type: EXP
C.81Flow over Periodic Hills
 Author(s): L. Temmerman and M.A. Leschziner, Year: 2001, Type: LES
C.84Turbulent Boundary Layer Flow Over a Cube
 Author(s): Lim and Castro, Year: 2006, Type: EXP

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