Square-Section Duct 180 Degree Bend

Experiments by Choi

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Turbulent flow in a square cross-section duct made of a 180o bend and two long straight inlet and outlet parts. 3D flow with constant temperature.

Geometry of the Computational Domain

180o bend section connected to straight inlet and outlet tangents, all of square section: D × D = 88.9 × 88.9 mm. Centreline curvature radius of the bend: Rc = 3.357D.


Flow Parameters

Air at standard conditions.

Inflow Conditions

The following measurements are available for the cross section located at z = -D. They correspond to a fully developed turbulent in a square section duct.

Contour maps as f(x,y) of:

Additional values of k and epsilon issued by numerical simulations are also available in the file input.

Experimental Details

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Velocity measurements using a rotatable hot-wire probe.

Measurement Errors

Analyzed but no published values.

Available Measurements

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Previous and Reference Numerical Solutions

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Main References

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