1st SPHERIC Workshop

Rome, Italy, May 2006

There are no official proceedings from the conference.  Below are the presentations/abstracts provided by the workshop delegates.

List of participants

Meeting of the SPHERIC Steering Commitee



Keynote lecture of Prof. J. J. Monaghan: SPH simulations of violent impacts and gentle waves.

Technical session: SPHERIC benchmark test cases
chairman: Nathan Quinlan (NUI Galway)

- M. Lastiwka, R. Nestor, M. Basa, N. Quinlan: SPHERIC benchmark cases.
- A. Panizzo, T. Capone, D. Longo, A. Del Guzzo: sph simulation of benchmark case 1.
- S. Falappi: sph simulation of benchmark case 1.
- P. Groenenboom, B. Overpelt and J. Kalis: SPH simulation of case 1 using PAM-CRASH including the effect of the wet bottom.
- D. Le Touze', A. Colagrossi, G. Colicchio: Ghost technique for squared angles applied to the solution of benchmarks 1 and 2.
- Eun-sug Lee: Test case 3: Lid-driven cavity flow.
- M. Gómez-Gesteira, A.J.C. Crespo, M. deCastro and R.A. Dalrymple: SPH Accuracy to Describe the Wave Impact on a Tall Structure..

Technical session: 2D flows
chairman: Moncho G. Gesteira (Vigo University)

- A.J.C. Crespo, M. Gomez Gesteira & R.A. Dalrymple: Effect of wet bottom on dam break evolution.
- L. Delorme, A. Souto Iglesias: Application of SPH to 2D shallow water sloshing problem.
- M. Ellero, M. Serrano and P. Espanol: An incompressible SPH model based on the SHAKE methodology.
- R. Rossi, S. Idelshon, E. Onate: Particle Hydrodinamics Methods using FE shape funcions.
- D. Graham & J. Hughes: Absorbing re-reflected random waves in SPH.


May 11 2006

Keynote lecture of Prof. R. A. Dalrymple: Breaking Waves and Plunging Jets

Technical session: Turbulent SPH
chairman: Benedict Rogers (
University of Manchester)

- D. Violeau & R. ISSA: Eddy viscosity-based turbulence closure models in SPH.
- C. Buvat: SPH turbulent simulations of boom and oil spill under a steady canal and regular waves.
- R. Issa: Modelling turbulent flows through Large Eddy Simulation in SPH.
- B.D Rogers, D. Laurence & P.K.Stansby: SPH Velocity Fluctuation - Noise or Stochastic Turbulence model?.

Technical session: 2D flows
chairman: Damien Violeau (EDF Paris)

- X. Hu: A multi-phase SPH method.
- A. Colagrossi, D. Le Touze', G. Colicchio: Characteristics Aspects for SPH Solutions for Free Surface Problems: Source and Possible Solutions of High Frequency Numerical Oscillations of Local Loads.
- Mar Serrano and Pep Español: A compressible fluid particle model based on the Voronoi tessellation: Comparison with Smoothed Dissipative Particle Dynamics.
N. Quinlan, M. Lastiwka, R. Nestor, M. Basa: Multidimensional truncation error analysis for SPH.
- S. Falappi, M. Gallati: SPH simulations of dam break waves over granular beds
- L. de Wit: Two 2D SPH Simulations

Technical session: fluid-structure interaction
chairman: Francis Leboeuf (Ecole Centrale de Lyon)

- M. Lastiwka, R. Nestor, M. Basa, N. Quinlan: Cylinder in crossflow modelled with SPH.
- JB Deuff, G Oger, B Alessandrini, P Ferrant: Fluid structure Coupling using SPH formulation.
- C. Antoci, M. Gallati, S. Sibilla, SPH simulation of fluid-structure interaction problems.
- P. Groenenboom, B. Cartwright: Simulations of water waves and interaction with structures with
- Larry Libersky: SPH: Strengths and Weaknesses Regarding Modeling of Shocks and Fragmentation.
- A. Panizzo. P. De Girolamo: Modelling landslide generated waves with SPH. Application to the Stromboli volcano generated tsunamis.


May 12 2006

Keynote lecture of Prof. M. Gallati: About SPH as an engineering tool: validation tests and open problems

Technical session: SPH alternative schemes
chairman: Andrea Panizzo (L'Aquila University)

- A. Panizzo, D. Longo, G. Bellotti: Non linear shallow water waves in SPH.
- P. Maruzewski and Shepel: The Level Set interface-tracking model coupled to SPH method.
- E.-S. Lee: Development of an Incompressible SPH Solver.
- Petros Koumoutsakos, Philippe Chatelain and Georges-Henri Cottet: rSPH : Re-meshed Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics.

 Technical session: supercomputing and visualization in SPH
chairman: Etienne Parkinson (VA TECH HYDRO)

- Jean M. Favre, John Biddiscombe, Theophane Foggia: Particle Data Management: from disk archives to 3D graphics.
- P. Lanucara: supercomputing and SPH at CASPUR.
- J. C. Marongiu, E. Parkinson: SPH Modelling of the flow in a Pelton turbine.
- R. Guandalini: A parallelization approach of the 3D code SPHERA for the simulation of landslide induced impulse wave in a reservoir with coupled propagation of the wave and the landslide.
- Naohito Nakasato and Tsuyoshi Hamada, SPH Simulations with Reconfigurable Hardware Accelerator.
- V. Bovolin, G. Viccione, An optimized SPH algorithm for neighbouring particles identification in free surface flows.
- P. Berczik, G. Hensler, Ch. Theis, R. Spurzem: Special, hardware accelerated, multi-phase chemodynamical SPH code for galaxy evolution

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