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1) Scroll down to reach the mesh form.

2) In "Mesh Name" field, enter a human-readable name for the mesh (e.g. "2D mandatory structured grid"). This will appear in the mesh list on the test case page.

3) In the "Mesh Description" field, provide a decription of the mesh and instructions on how to read it.

4) To enable the correct linking of the uploaded file through the website, please paste the exact filename here in the "Mesh File Name" field (case sensitive), including the extension (.plt, etc...)

5) In the field "Mesh Coordinator", select your partner acronym.

6) Provide information of the mesh creator (Name, Institution) in the "Mesh Creator" field

7) Provide the name of the mesh generator in the field "Mesh Generator"

8) Select the mesh format in the list (field "Mesh Format"). If the mesh format does not appear on the list, please let UniMAN know.

9) Please provide the size of the mesh (number of cells) in the field "Mesh Size"

10) If the mesh is structured, please provide the dimensions (NX, NY, NZ) in the fields "Mesh Dimensions in the first direction", "Mesh Dimensions in the second direction", Mesh Dimensions in the third direction"

11) In the field "Mesh Type", select the type of the mesh.

12) In the field "Intended Use", select the type of use the mesh is intended for.

13) In the field "Notes", please feel free to add any further comment about the mesh

14) (Once you have made a note of step (15) CLICK SAVE, and after the page reloads, Click the 'Attach' button in the top right of the website

15) On the Attach screen, click 'Browse', select your file (as named in step 4) and Click Upload

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