Flow over a wall-mounted, 2-D hump at high Reynolds number

This configuration is a wall-mounted Glauert-Goldschmied type body, geometrically similar to that employed in [1] Full details of the current case are given in [2-4]. The model is mounted between two glass endplate frames and both leading edge and trailing edges are faired smoothly with a wind tunnel splitter plate. This is a nominally two-dimensional experiment, although there are side-wall effects (3-D flow) near the end-plates.

The hump is 420 mm (hump cord length) long with the crest of 53.7 mm and is mounted on a splitter plate of thickness 12.7 mm, which extends 1935 mm upstream from the hump leading edge and 1129 mm downstream from the hump leading edge. The characteristic Reynolds number based on the hump length, is about 106 and the Mach number is 0.1.

Geometry of the flow configuration considered

Experimental data:

Experimental results containing base plate pressure and friction factor, and PIV of mean U and V velocity, uu, vv and uv stress components are available at different streamwise locations. Only the baseline case (no control) is studied in ATAAC. The present configuration was used as the test case on three computational workshops:

Accordingly, large numerical database obtained with different RANS models, LES and DES is available in addition to the experimental results.


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