Tandem cylinders

The flow (see schematic in Figure) has been studied in a series of experiments performed in NASA Langley Research Center (Jenkins et al., 2005, 2006, Lockard et al., 2007). It is a prototype for interaction problems commonly encountered in airframe noise configurations (e.g., the oleo and hoses on a landing gear) and, as such, is a representative stepping stone to these, industrially relevant, flows. Its simulation can help testing a capability of different turbulence modeling approaches and numerical methods to reproduce properly complex flow phenomena involved (the separation of turbulent boundary layer and free shear layer roll-up, the interaction of unsteady wake of the front cylinder with the downstream one, unsteady massively separated flow in the wake of the rear cylinder, etc.) and, therefore, to assess their potential as noise- prediction tools. Considering the “noise-prediction” orientation of the test case, an accurate prediction of the unsteady pressure field is of primary importance thus making steady and even conventional unsteady RANS approaches non-applicable.

A detailed description of the flow and available measurements can be found on the following web page.

TC Pic1.png
Figure: Experimental set-up and schematic of tandem cylinder flow


  • Jenkins, L.N., Khorrami, M.R., Choudhari, M.M., and McGinley, C.B., “Characterization of Unsteady Flow Structures Around Tandem Cylinders for Component Interaction Studies in Airframe Noise,” AIAA-2005-2812, 2005.
  • Jenkins, L.N., Neuhart, D.H., McGinley, C.B., Choudhari, M.M., and Khorrami, M.R., “Measurements of Unsteady Wake Interference Between Tandem Cylinders,” AIAA-2006-3202, 2006.
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