Boeing Rundimentary Landing Gear

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  • allwheelkulites.txt: ASCII file containing experimental unsteady surface pressure probe locations (on wheels)

  • allpostkulites.txt: ASCII file containing experimental unsteady surface pressure probe locations (on posts)


The Boeing Rudimentary Landing Gear (RLG) is a new configuration used in an experimental project funded by Boeing and carried out at NAL (India). The RLG configuration has relatively large axles with square cross-sections and tripping the wheel boundary layers. The trips were designed by CFD in terms of location and size, and found effective. These peculiarities eliminate strong Reynolds number dependence of the previous SLG ("Simplified Landing Gear" by Lazos (2002)) case and enables running the simulations in the fully turbulent mode which, in turn, makes the assessment on the turbulence modelling more “clean” and relevant to the realistic high Reynolds number.

A preliminary description of the RLG configuration is provided here, See the description file for details.

Geometry defined by:

Experimental data:

Guide to Experimental data

Flow Parameters

The freestream velocity is 40 m/s. The Re number based on the wheel diameter (0.406m) and the freestream velocity is 1 million.


Meshes available for this case are listed in the table. Meshes marked with M are mandatory.


Simulation results available for this case are listed below.

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pdfpdf ATAAC_ST12_RLG_final_inputs.pdf manage 3234.9 K 2012-04-02 - 12:46 ShiaHuiPeng PDF file of ST12 final inputs
zipzip manage 3841.8 K 2010-02-19 - 14:53 ShiaHuiPeng Geometry files for the Boeing RLG test case (ST12)
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docdoc D3-36_ST12_Boeing_RLG_FOI_v1.doc manage 60653.5 K 2012-06-26 - 10:43 ShiaHuiPeng ST12 (Boeing RLG) summary (version 1) to D3-36
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pdfpdf NAL_Data_File_Definitions_for_ATAAC_revA.pdf manage 1767.8 K 2011-09-12 - 10:48 ShiaHuiPeng Revised file concerning the guidelines of extracting the NAL experimental data.
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ziptar RLG_Expt_data_Part1_05July2011.tar manage 81520.0 K 2011-07-06 - 10:00 ShiaHuiPeng Extracted expt. data from ARL experimental dataset - Part 1
pdfpdf RLG_Model_Dimensions.pdf manage 46.8 K 2010-02-19 - 14:59 ShiaHuiPeng RLG model dimensions
elserar RLG_Upload.rar manage 19379.0 K 2011-10-28 - 01:11 SongFu Lastest extraction data in Tecplot style. I am sorry that the notes in the source files are in Chinese.
docdoc ST12_TC_BoeingRLG_Final_version.doc manage 1467.5 K 2012-04-02 - 12:50 ShiaHuiPeng TC description, including required final inputs and format.
docdoc ST12_TC_BoeingRLG_v1b.doc manage 1232.0 K 2010-02-19 - 14:51 ShiaHuiPeng Description file for ST12 (Boeing Rundimentary Landing Gear)
txttxt allpostkulites.txt manage 0.6 K 2010-09-01 - 08:03 CharlesMockett ASCII file containing experimental unsteady surface pressure probe locations (on posts)
txttxt allwheelkulites.txt manage 11.7 K 2010-09-01 - 08:05 CharlesMockett ASCII file containing experimental unsteady surface pressure probe locations (on wheels)
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