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Latest News

  • 2012.05.21: new development version 11.1.22 of Code_Aster available on cluster
  • 2011.12.15: new development version 11.1.1 of Code_Aster available on cluster
  • 2011.09.21: new development version 11.0.22 of Code_Aster available on cluster
  • 2011.08.19: Salome-Meca 2011.2 available on the project website
  • 2011.08.19: new development version 11.0.17 of Code_Aster available on cluster
  • 2011.07.05: Homard 10.1 available on the clusters
  • 2011.07.01: Code_Aster crash problems on RedQueen solved

Code_Aster versions installed on clusters

STA9 - Operating version 9.4.0 (03 Dec 2008)

NEW9 - Operating version 9.4.11 (07 May 2009)

OLD10 - Operating version 10.2.29 (30 Nov 2010)

STA10 - Operating version 10.3.23 (30 Mar 2011)

NEW11 - Development version 11.1.22 (21 May 2012)


An official forum is hosted on the Code_Aster website. You can post in French and English any question regarding Code_Aster usage and installation. It's also the right place to ask for questions regarding the Salome-Meca platform (Salome+Code_Aster):

Please, contribute to the official forum! The goal is to build a Code_Aster international community around it!

Code_Aster on University parallel clusters

You can use Code_Aster on the following University parallel clusters:

  • RedQueen- each job can use up to 16 GB RAM and 8 CPUs
  • RedQueen2- each job can use up to 24 GB RAM and 12 CPUs

Only OpenMP is active for the moment. OpenMPI is up the way (an experimental OpenMPI version is available on RedQueen). The software is installed in /software/Code_Aster.

Here you can find useful informations on how using Code_Aster on University parallel clusters.


The Salome-Meca package (for Linux) can be downloaded from Code_Aster web-site.

The Salome package (for Linux) can be downloaded from the project web-site.

A testing version of Salome for Windows has been released. You can download it from here.

Tutorials (in English) for Salome covering all the aspects of the software are available from user section of the project web-site.

Code_Aster for Windows

An unofficial Windows porting of Code_Aster can be download from NECS web-site.

Courses for Code_Aster and Salome

All the courses and material on the use of Code_Aster and Salome will be uploaded here. Check the files in the attachment section of this page.

A three days training session is organised in Manchester university by EDF and the Modelling and Simulation Centre from the 2nd to 4th July 2012. Files for the practical sessions can be downloaded here.

Command files to be used during the session : holes.tar.gz

Useful Links

Some links that might be helpful. Some links that might be helpful.

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pdfpdf An_introduction_to_Code_Aster.pdf manage 2040.9 K 2011-01-24 - 11:55 DanieleColombo Short course explaining how Code_Aster works and interacts with Salome-Meca
pdfpdf Code_Aster_capabilities.pdf manage 1218.5 K 2010-10-25 - 14:53 DanieleColombo Short presentation showing the capabilities of Code_Aster
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pdfpdf Tutorial_Getting_started_with_Code_Aster.pdf manage 873.5 K 2011-04-05 - 16:07 DanieleColombo A short tutorial: getting started with Code_Aster
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