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Welcome to TWiki! This is a TWikiSite (pronounced twee-kee site), a meeting place to work on common interests. Anyone can contribute using any web browser - although editing or viewing restrictions can also be set on individual pages or groups of pages. TWiki looks like a normal web site... except that it encourages contribution, editing and updating of pages.

"Wiki" systems are fundamentally editable web pages. It's a way of communicating asynchronously over the web for many existing intranet and public Internet sites. TWiki is simple to learn and use. It aims to provide a transparent way to publish and exchange ideas with others over the web.

What's in a TWiki?

  • Webs: A TWikiSite is divided into webs, each one represents an area for collaboration. This site has the following webs:
    • TWiki - Site settings and documentation. Unregistered users will not generally need to see most of these pages.
    • Main - Mostly contains users' home pages.
    • CfdTm - The CFD/Turbulence Mechanics pages.
    • Trash - Deleted pages (admin access only).
  • Topics: Each web is made up of hyperlinked topics that appear in your browser.

Some things to do

  • Browse. This is a site like other sites. Read and follow interesting links.
  • Write. From your browser you can change or add to TWiki topics. Use regular text or TWikiShorthand.
  • Experiment. Edit your personal page. See the CfdTmHelp pages for help on editing personal and other group pages. Full documentation of the TWiki platform is available at http://www.twiki.org
  • Learn more. Some good places to start:
    • TWikiTutorial is a 20-minute tour of TWiki essentials.
    • ATasteOfTWiki is a short introduction training course for beginners.
    • WikiReferences links to selected articles and books about wiki technology and online collaboration.
    • WikiSyntax - simple syntax for edits
    • GoodStyle - recommendations for edits

Some basics

Editing a page:

  • click Edit at the bottom of any topic and make your changes
  • click [ Preview Changes ] at the bottom to verify the topic (use your brower's Back button if necessary)
  • click [ Save Changes ] You've now edited the topic!

Creating a page

See a question mark link "?" behind a WikiWord? That means that there's no topic yet for that WikiWord. If you want to create a topic for that WikiWord, just click on the question mark. The topic will be created and you will be in the editor window.

Viewing the history of a topic

Click History at the bottom of a topic

Attaching files

Click Attach to upload and attach any type of file.

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