Weekly Group Meeting (GB-C21)

The weekly meeting takes place every tuesday, from the 27th of May onwards, in the Aquarium. Each time there will be a Chairman and a secretary

  • The Chairman prepares the meeting, creating the page that contains the agenda and nomitates a secretary
  • The Secretary will take attendances and write the minutes (in it there could be also the link to the presentations and to all the relevants files discussed during the meeting). The secretary automatically will be the Chairman for the next meeting

Outstanding Actions

For help adding items and for a list of closed actions go here.

%ACTIONSEARCH{ topic="DLWeeklyMeeting[0-9]{3}" state="open" web="CfdTm"}%


List of meetings

To add meetings please click
and fill in the form:

Date Chairman Secretary

Help adding actions

Actions should be entered on the individual meeting pages in the main text box. They should be entered as follows:

%ACTION{who=AlistairRevell, due="2008-08-19"}% enter action description here %ENDACTION%


  • To start with you only need to enter the due date, and the 'actioneer' i.e. who the task has been assigned to.
  • After an action has been entered and thus created, additional fields will be added automatically to e.g. record creation and completion dates and by whom it was closed.
  • Clicking the red target icon will take you to the meeting page where the action was posted
  • actions can only be closed on the page they were originally posted

Closed Actions

%ACTIONSEARCH{ topic="DLWeeklyMeeting[0-9]{3}" state="closed" web="CfdTm"}%

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