Improved modelling of fire

Researcher: Mahmoud Assad

Supervisor(s): _Dr R Prosser and Dr A. Revell _
Sponsor: The University of Manchester, EDF
Start Date: Sep/2009 End Date: Sep/2012
Keywords: Fire Modelling, Saturne, Cas model

Overall Research Aim

Fires are unwanted combustion events that occurring everyday around the world and it causing immense material damages and losses of life, especially in nuclear plants wherein fires considered as the main threat to its safety. Hence, study of fires behaviour and its physics play significant roles in reducing fire risks. This project basically aims at developing a simplified C_{as} model in Code_Saturne to predict fire behaviour. One Additional objective of this project is to provide an estimation for the rate growth and spread of fire.

Research Progress

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Computational Fluid Dynamics and Turbulence Mechanics
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