Internal Seminar Series 2011, 2011-05-25
George Begg Building, Room B8, 15:30
School of MACE, The University of Manchester

Thermal mixing around in-lile tube banks

Alastair West  

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Experiments conducted in the Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor (AGRs) design stages indicate a three-dimensional flow swirl present in the in-line tube bank section of certain boilers (Jones et al., 1978). The boiler is located within the reactor pressure vessel where accessibility is severely limited therefore investigation of the flow and thermodynamic features need to be carried out using three-dimensional (3D) Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Unsteady Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes (URANS) simulations of square in-line tube banks have been conducted and compared against Large Eddy Simulation (LES) (Afgan, 2007) and experimental data Aiba et al. (1982) in order to determine the most effective turbulence models to pursue. A %$2\times2$% periodic tube section is chosen to represent a tube bank deep within a boiler. 2D simulations show high Reynolds number and low Reynolds number approaches predict two significantly different flow patterns (constant asymmetry and alternating asymmetry shown respectively in Figure %REFLATEX{fig:fig1}% and %REFLATEX{fig:fig2}%. 3D simulations have shown high-%$Re$% Reynolds Stress Models (RSMs) (Launder et al., 1975; Speziale et al., 1991) revert to an alternating asymmetric flow prediction as expected from experimental visualizations. Initial 2D simulations of the %$4\times7$% tube bank used by Aiba et al. (1982) have also been conducted, where the flow and thermodynamic features following the fifth tube are seen to be similar to the periodic simulations.
  • Afgan, I. (2007). Large Eddy Simulation of flow over cylindrical bodies using unstructured finite volume methods. PhD, The University of Manchester.
  • Aiba, S., H. Tsuchida, and T. Ota (1982). Heat transfer around tubes in in-line tube banks. Bulletin of JSME 25(204), 219926.
  • Jones, R., J. Lis, and T. Massey (1978). An experimental investigation of thermal mixing in crossflow tube banks. In Proceeds of 6th international heat transfer conference, Paper HX12, Toronto.
  • Launder, B. E., G. J. Reece, and W. Rodi (1975). Progress in the development of a reynolds-stress turbulence closure. Journal of Fluid Mechanics Digital Archive 68(03), 537566.
  • Speziale, C. G., S. Sarkar, and T. B. Gatski (1991). Modelling the pressure-strain correlation of turbulence: an invariant dynamical systems approach. Journal of Fluid Mechanics Digital Archive 227(1), 245272.

%BEGINFIGURE{label="fig:fig1" caption="Averaged Velocity Streamlines using low-%$Re$% (left) and high-%$Re$% (right) approaches" span="twocolumn"}% %ENDFIGURE%

%BEGINFIGURE{label="fig:fig2" caption="Instantaneous Temperature Field using low-%$Re$% (left) and high-%$Re$% (right) approaches" span="twocolumn"}% %ENDFIGURE%

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