A Stress-strain Lag Eddy Viscosity Model for Variable Density Flow

Assad, M,. Prosser, R., Revell, A., Sapa, B.

ERCOFTAC Bulletin, Vol. 96, pp. 4-10, (2013)

A modified eddy viscosity model is proposed to model the misalignment between stress and strain fields for variable density flows. The stress-strain misalignment is quanti- fied by introducing a C as parameter. A transport equa- tion for C as is derived from a full Reynolds stress model (RSM). The C as transport equation is coupled to a stan- dard EVM model (e.g, k − ω SST ). The performance of the proposed model is investigated via a turbulent buoy- ant plume.

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Computational Fluid Dynamics and Turbulence Mechanics
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