Analysis of Errors and Uncertainties in CFD Codes

Researcher: Imama Zadi

Supervisor(s): Prof D. Laurence
Sponsor: Higher Education Commission, Pakistan
Start Date: 17 Sep 2008 End Date: Dec 2011
Keywords: Errors quatification

Overall Research Aim

Results obtained from CFD are never true because of inbuilt errors and uncertainties. Basic aim of this study is to develop a level of confidence on CFD results by estimating the error associated with them. Basic approach adopted for this purpose is to run a code number of times with different turbulence models, input parameters, boundary conditions and grids and studying their affect on the results.

Research Progress

Buoyancy flow in square cavity has been taken as a first test case. Effect of three different kind of grids with varying cell densities have been studied to see their effect on Temperature, velocity and Nusselt number using three different numerical schemes i.e. First order Upwind, Second Order Upwind and Central Differencing Scheme. Flow of air has been studied for three different Rayleigh numbers. Decrease in error in as a function of grid spacing in shown in the fig 1.
Fig 1.: Decrease in Error as a function of Grid spacing

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