Verification, Validation & Uncertainties in CFD Applied to Thermal Hydraulics

Researcher: Stuart Russant

Supervisor(s): Prof D. Laurence
Sponsor: EDF Energy and BE
Start Date: September 2010 End Date: September 2014
Keywords: Code Saturne, Star CCM

Overall Research Aim

There is today a world-wide and general interest for quantifying uncertainties in CFD studies, in industrial design obviously, across industry sectors but particularly safety applications where demand for “error bars” around CFD results is now pressing. A new series of workshops “Benchmarking of CFD Codes for Applications to Nuclear Reactor Safety (CFD4NRS)” started only 2 years ago is well attended. However, the Thermo-fluids group at Manchester essentially focused on turbulence modelling, has also actively and continuously contributed to benchmarking and best practice guidelines over many years and via collaborations with British Energy Ltd, ERCOFTAC and EDF. The CFD group will provide me with expert training in thermal-hydraulics, but modelling issues aside and as a new development, the focus of the research is on “Verification and Validation”, initially quantifying discretisation and convergence errors which can be more easily checked from comparison to analytical solutions and grid refinement studies, extending beyond the classical “Richardson extrapolation”, then on several means of quantifying sources of uncertainty.

Research Progress

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