Results for case Channel Flow

Code: Code_Saturne

Version: 1.3.2

Authors: Juan Uribe

Method and Numerical Options



1D mesh. 100 volumes, clustered near the wall. Min y+ = 0.5

Description of the results files

ASCII format. For each model there is a file, named res_plus_XXX.dat where XXX is the model descriptor.

The columns are organised as:
For the Phi-f model:

# y+ U+ k+ Eps+ v2+ Phi Nut+ F+

For the SST model:

# y+ U+ k+ Omega+

For the EBM:

# y+ U+ uu+ vv+ ww+ uv+ uw+ vw+ esp+ alpha

Boundary conditions

1D mesh, periodic in the streamwise direction. Pressure gradient imposed to obtain friction velocity U_t = 1. Zero velocity at the wall. All other boundaries have symmetry boundary conditions.

Reference Publications

A robust formulation of the v2f model, Laurence, D. Uribe, J. C. and Utyuzhnikov, S. V., Flow Turbulence and Combustion, Vol. 73, pp. 169-185, (2004).

Aditional information:

To run the case just copy the FORTRAN files and modify the lance script accordingly:

Velocity profiles Kinetic energy profiles
U.png k.png
Dissipation Eddy viscosity
eps.png nut.png

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