Flow past a heated circular cylinder

Authors: Scholten and Murray

Type: Experimental

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Flow Parameters

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Measurements of time resolved heat flux and local velocity at the surface of a cylinder in cross flow. Time-averaged Nusselt numbers, heat flux auto spectra and time traces are presented and the coherence and phase difference between the velocity and heat flux signals are used to establish that the heat transfer fluctuations at the front of the cylinder originate in pulsation of the flow field resulting from vortex shedding in the wake. The effect of increased levels of freestream turbulence on the heat transfer fluctuations is explored in Part II of this study.

Flow Parameters

Two sets of measurements were done. At low turbulence intensities the Reynolds numbers based on the cylinder diameter varied from 7050 (Tu=1.6%) to 49350 (Tu=0.34%). For the second set, the Reynolds numbers were in the range of 7190 (Tu=8.5%) to 43140 (Tu=6.8%).

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This is a challenging test case for wall function approaches. The results are sensitive not only to the type of wall function used but to the way it is implemented. The numerical parameters such as convection scheme and inlet turbulence also have a great effect on the predictions.

Here is an example of calculations done with wall functions (k-eps) and low Reynolds model (SST). Using two different codes. With the low Reynolds approach the results are very similar. Using the wall function approach, eventhough is the same wall function, the results differ due to the way the wall functions is implemented. Both codes are finite volume codes and the numerical parameters have been kept as constant as possible.

Reference Publications

J. W. Scholten and D. B. Murray. Unsteady heat transfer and velocity of a cylinder in cross flow I. low freestream turbulence. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 41(10):1139–1148, 1998.

J. W. Scholten and D. B. Murray. Unsteady heat transfer and velocity of a cylinder in cross flow II. High freestream turbulence. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 41(10):1149-1156, 1998.


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