NACA0015 with a ZNMF-Jet

Authors: Tuck et al.

Type: Experimental




Flow Parameters

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The flow over a NACA0015 with a Zero Net Mass Flux jet spanning entire leading edge normal to surface is examined. The main features are:

  • Unsteady Laminar Separation Bubble (LSB) on suction surface
  • ZNMF Jet used to reattach the flow

NACA 0015 schematic.png
Experiment description (From Tuck, 2004)

Flow Parameters

  • Reynolds Number based on chord, Re_c = 30000
  • Frequency, F^+=1.3
  • c_mu = 0.00138
  • u_jet/U_bulk = 0.67
  • Incidence angle = 18 degrees
  • Jet width = 0.0015c
  • Jet length = 0.03c

Additional information (links, pictures, etc.)

The experiment has been done with a leading edge slot that covers the entire span of the aerofoil. The total span of the aerofoil is 5.1c thus recreating a two dimensional flow.

"The optimal forcing frequencies were found to be symmetrically offset from a non-dimensional forcing frequency of unity, at F+ = 0.7 and 1.3. At these optimal forcing frequencies the lift coefficient increase above the uncontrolled case for post-stall angles of attack was found to be approximately proportional to the square root of the jet momentum, which can otherwise be interpreted as being linearly proportional to the jet velocity ratio. Under the optimal forcing conditions the stall angle of the aerofoil was delayed from an angle of attack of 10o to an angle of attack of 18o, resulting in a maximum lift coefficient increase of 46% above the uncontrolled lift coefficient. Significant improvement in the lift to drag ratio of the aerofoil was also noted throughout the post-stall region investigated." (Tuck, 2004)

The nondimensional parameters are:

%$F^+ = \frac{fc}{U_\infty}$% %$c_{\mu} = \frac{2h}{c}\left( \frac{u_{j,rms}}{U_\infty} \right)$%

Flow around NACA0015 @ 18 degress: Uncontrolled case (photo copyright Tuck, 2004).
Flow around NACA0015 @ 18 degress: Controlled case (photo copyright Tuck, 2004).

NACA 0015 lift.png
Experimental lift coefficient (From Tuck and Soria, 2004)
NACA 0015 cd cl.png
Lift vs Drag (From Tuck and Soria, 2004)

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Reference Publications

"Active flow control of a NACA 0015 airoil using ZNMF jet", A. Tuck. PhD thesis, 2004. Monash Univsersity.

"Active Flow Control over a NACA 0015 Airfoil using a ZNMF Jet" A. Tuck and J. Soria, 15th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia 13-17 December 2004


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