Results for case Vertical Heated Pipe



Authors: Stefano Rolfo

Method and Numerical Options



see reference

Description of the results files

please unzip the file to get all the results for this model

Boundary conditions

see reference

Reference Publications

Keshmiri, A., Cotton, M.A., Addad, Y., Rolfo, S. and Billard, F. [2008], RANS and LES Investigations of Vertical Flows in the Fuel Passages of Gas-Cooled Nuclear Reactors, Paper to appear in Proc. 16th Int. Conf. on Nuclear Engineering, ‘ICONE16’, Orlando, Florida, USA, 11th-15th May 2008.

Menter, F.R., 1994, “Two-Equation Eddy-Viscosity Turbulence Models for Engineering Applications”, AIAA Journal, pp. 1598-1605.

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