2D low-Reynolds flow around cylinder

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Flow Parameters

Reference Publications



We study two-dimensional, laminar, unsteady flow around a cylinder. The domain is rectangular and contains a circular cylinder.

At the inlet, the velocity profile is uniform and its value is %$V_0$%. Slip boundary conditions on the lateral walls are imposed for the velocity. On the cylinder, the wall conditions are a non-slip condition since the flow is laminar. At the end of each calculation must be checked that all faces on the wall have developed a viscous boundary layer. The outlet is a free-flow condition.

Geometry of the test case

Flow Parameters

  • Velocity input:%$V_0=1m/s$%
  • Density :%$\rho = 1 kg/m^3$%
  • Dynamic viscosity :%$\mu=0.015kg.m^{-1}.s^{-1}$%
  • Reynolds number based on diameter of the cylinder : Re =%$\rho{V_0}d/\mu=100$%

Geometrical features

  • Length of the field :%$L=38m$%
  • Width of the field :%$h=12m$%
  • Diameter of the cylinder :%$d=1.5m$%
  • Position of the%$C$%center of the cylinder :%$x_c=5m$%,%$z_c=6m$%

Reference Publications

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