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Authors: Cherrye et al.

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Flow Parameters

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Three dimensional diffuser with two diverging wall at different angles. There are two different geometries based on inlet height.: Diffuser 1 has an aspect ratio of 1:3.33 at inlet and a square outlet of 4h Diffuser 2 has the same inlet but the outlet is 3.37hx4.51h.

The inlet is fully turbulent flow.

Flow Parameters

Reynolds number based on the inlet height and bulk velocity of 10000.

Additional information (links, pictures, etc.)

Part of the 15 ERCOFTAC workshop at: external

  • Diffuser geometry:

  • Experimental results visualization The experimental results comes as a matlab file. Here is how to visualize it with EnSight.
    • download the experiments data file download : you'll need the file Diffuser_1_data.mat
    • run the python script post.py : it reads the matlab data file, and writes X, Y, Z coordinate lists as well as velocity files: python post.py
    • run the fortran mesh_generator.F : it reads the coordinates lists and generates the mesh stem.unv
    • run a simple Saturne case. You'll need:
      • the files U_exp.dat , V_exp.dat and W_exp.dat in the DATA directory
      • the following fortrans : usclim.F, usdpst.F, usini1.F, usiniv.F, usmpst.F, usvpst.F
      • the mesh stem.unv in the MAILLAGE folder. With this, you run a 1 time step case, frozen field (ICCVFG=1), fake LES (ITURB=40), initialized by the velocity field given by the experiment on the grid given by the experiment. This method, unlike generating your own ensight output, knowing its format, enables you to focus only in a relevant part of the experimental grid (this is done by the *pst.F fortrans). It only displays the part of the grid which actually contains data.


CrossSectionX02cm.png CrossSectionX05cm.png CrossSectionX08cm.png CrossSectionX12cm.png CrossSectionX15cm.png


CrossSectionX02cm_ITURB_50.png CrossSectionX05cm_ITURB_50.png CrossSectionX08cm_ITURB_50.png CrossSectionX12cm_ITURB_50.png CrossSectionX15cm_ITURB_50.png


2H.png 5H.png 8H.png 12H.png 15H.png

Reference Publications

Cherrye, E. Elkins, C and Eaton, J. "Geometric sensitivity of three dimensional separated flows". Int. Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow. 2008 (29) pp. 803-811


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