Results for case 3D Diffuser

Code: Code Saturne

Version: 1.4.0 and 1.3.2

Authors: Juan Uribe, Flavien Billard

Method and Numerical Options



The mesh has 250x50x96 cells with refinement near the walls. The maximum y+ value of the first cell is less than 2. The domain extends up to 40 time the inlet height.

  • inlet_sst_60x180.dat: inlet datat for the sst model for grid with 60x180 cells (rename to inlet.dat)

Description of the results files

The zip file contains all results for all models as submitted to the 13th ERCOFTAC/IAHR workshop. There are velocity profiles at locations and velocity contours. Also a pressure coefficient on the mid-spanwise location at the straight wall is included.

For a full description see here

* sst_212X60X180.tar.gz: Files used to run the SST model in version 1.4.0

Boundary conditions

Inlet profiles taken from a duct flow precursor simulation with the same mesh on the Y-Z planes. No interpolation required.

The walls have no-slip condition except when using the SSG model where a scalable wall function is used.

Reference Publications

Additional information (links, pictures, etc.)

  • Velocity profiles at z/H=2:

  • Velocity profiles at z/H=2 (second half):

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