Results for case Mixed convection in a vertical channel

Code: Code Saturne


Authors: Flavien Billard

Method and Numerical Options



Here is the mesh used for the computation : kasagi.cgns. It has 60 CVs and y+=0.44

Description of the results files

Boundary conditions

Periodicity in the wall tangential directions, the walls have no slip boundary conditions. Dirichlet condition for the temperature at the walls

Reference Publications

Billard, F. Uribe, J.C. and Laurence, D., A new formulation of the %$\overline{v^2}-f$% model using elliptic blending and its application to heat transfer prediction, Proc. of 7th Int. Symp. on Engineering Turbulence Modelling and Mesurements, pp. 89-94 (2008)

Additional information (links, pictures, etc.)

  • To run the case using Code Saturne :
  • Postprocessing
    • The following files have to be in the same directory (the two last files have to be untared in this same directory). Saturne folder must contain output files produced by the computation (RESULTS_KASAGI_ITURB_%x where x stands for the code of the turbulent model).
    • Python library to use grace: Download the two files and here.
    • Python script specific to that case:
    • Dns results
    • Saturne results

  • Output of the processing file




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