2D Rib roughness

Authors: Rau et al

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Flow Parameters

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The present paper reports RANS simulations of the flow and heat transfer in a 2-dimensional rib-roughened passage. Rib pitch-to-height ratios of 6, 9, and 12 are examined. The blockage ratio of the transversely-mounted rectangular ribs is 10%, making the case ‘very rough’. The Reynolds number, based on the channel bulk velocity and hydraulic diameter, is 30,000. Three low-Reynolds-number linear EVMs, namely the Lien-Chen-Leschziner k-ε model, the Menter k-ω-SST model, and a variant of Durbin’s v2-f formulation are examined.

Schematic diagram of a rib-roughened surface

Grids to download:

Note: '1s' and '2s' correspond to 1-side ribbed and 2-side ribbed channels.

Experimental Data of Rau et al (1998):

Note: In the files below, the figure number corresponds to those in the paper by Rau et al.

Flow Parameters

  • Re = 30,000 (basedon Hydraulic Diameter)
  • Pr = 0.71
  • Blockage ratio = 10%
  • Pitch-to-rib height ratios = 6, 9 and 12

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Reference Publications

  1. Rau et al 1998; G. Rau, M. Çakan, D. Moeller and T. Arts. "The effect of periodic ribs on the local aerodynamic and heat transfer performance of a straight cooling channel". ASME J. Turbomach., 120: 368–375, 1998. Download
  2. Keshmiri et al. 2009a; "Thermal‐Hydraulic Analysis of Rib‐Roughened Fuel Pin Performance in Gas‐Cooled Nuclear Reactors", 6th International Symposium on Turbulence, Heat and Mass Transfer, Rome, Italy, 14-18 September 2009. Full paper Short paper
  3. Keshmiri et al. 2009b; "Numerical Simulations of Flow and Heat Transfer over Rib-Roughened Surfaces", 17th Annual conference of CFD society of Canada, Ottawa, Canada, 3rd-5th May 2009. Download


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