Turbulent diffusion flame (Sandia flame)

Authors: Steward , and Tennankore

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Flow Parameters

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Sandia flame is a simple turbulent diffusion flame, where the fuel and oxidizer enter the combustion chamber separately (usually cylindrical chamber). In this test case, Propane is used as fuel, and air is used as oxidizer. The air and fuel flow is open to the atmospheric condition.

Flow Parameters

Since the fuel and oxidizer enter the combustion chamber separately, the fuel and oxidizer have different flow parameters. Fuel inlet * Mass flow rate =2.626E-4 kg/s, Inlet temperature = 436K, Fuel Inlet Diameter = 0.0024 m. Hydraulic Diameter = 0.032 m. Oxidizer inlet * Mass flow rate =4.282E-3 kg/s, Inlet temperature = 353K, Fuel Inlet Diameter = 0.25 m. Hydraulic Diameter = 0.218 m. Note that, the both flow velocity are in y direction, and the speed reference for initialization of turbulence Uref = 5 m/s.

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Reference Publications

1- Steward F.R, Osuwan S, and Picot J. J C, "Heat transfer measurements in a cylindrical test furnace". Fourteenth symposium (interntional) on combustion, (1972), pp. 650660. 2- Steward F.R. and Tennankore K.N., "Towards a finite difference solution coupled with the zone method for radiative transfer for a cylindrical combustion chamber". J. Inst. Energy (1979), pp. 107114.


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