Diurnal evolution of an atmospheric boundary layer

Authors: Clarke et al.

Type: Experimental




Flow Parameters

Reference Publications



The objective of this case study is to validate the ability of the atmospheric module of Code_Saturne to simulate the diurnal evolution of an horizontally homogeneous atmospheric boundary layer, with thermal and radiative forcing. For this purpose, we simulate the day 33 and the night 33/34 of the Wangara experiment, which was conducted during July and August 1967 in Australia and provides boundary layer data over an homogeneous flat terrain (Clarke et al. 1971).

Flow Parameters

The domain is an horizontally periodic column domain of 2 km high.

Fluid properties:

  • reference density : %$1.23 kg.m^{-3} $%
  • dynamic viscosity : %$1.6 \times 10^{-5} kg.m^{-1}.s^{-1}$%
  • reference velocity : %$10 m.s^{-1}$%
  • specific heat capacity : %$1004 J.K^{-1}.kg^{-1}$%
  • reference pressure : %$101300 Pa$%

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Reference Publications

  1. Clarke R.H., Dyer A.J., Brook R.R., Reid D.G. and Troup A.J., 'The Wangara experiment - Boundary layer data', Paper n° 19, Division Meteorological Physics, CSIRO, Australia, 1971.
  2. Duynkerke P.G., 'An application of the %$k-\epsilon$% turbulence closure model to the neutral and stable atmospheric boundary layer', J.Atm.Sci., vol. 45, pp. 865-880, 1988.
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