Results for case Pulverised coal combustion in a furnace

Code: Code_Saturne

Version: 2.0-beta2

Authors: M. Hassanaly

Method and Numerical Options

Both standard (two-scale) and scalable wall-functions have been tested.

A variable and non-uniform time-step has been used for all calculations.


%$k-\varepsilon$%, Kobayashi model, discrete ordinate method, P1-method


Description of the results files

Boundary conditions

Reference Publications

In the following figures 4 to 7 the axial and tangential velocities profiles,respectively, the gas temperature, and the volumetric concentrations of %$CO_2$% and %$O_2$% are shown at different location within the furnace. The predicted results of Code Saturne's most recent version 2.0-beta2 are compared with both measured data and the computed results of the very well validated version 1.3.1. The single profiles of the computed data represent a temporal mean of several intermediate results.

As it can be observed from the graphs, results from 1.3 and 2.0 versions differ notably. This is due to a symmetrical effect of the configuration where the flow goes either "right" or "left" depending on numerical approximations. If one had taken the symmetric of the results of the 2.0, the results would have been much closer from the previous results.

At a first glance, the presented computed results are in good agreement with the corresponding measured data, whereas the results of the most recent version 2.0-beta2 show the same differences compared to the measured data as version 1.3.1 does. However, increased differences can be observed using the P1-model to calculate the radiative heat transfer. Considering that the optical path length is too small to use the P1-method, these differences are quite predictable.

Figure 4 : Profiles of the tangential velocity.

Figure 6 : Volumetric %$CO_2$% concentrations at different locations.
Figure 7 : Volumetric %$O_2$% concentrations at different locations.

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