Name Type Size Values Tooltip message Attributes
Test Case select 1 Channel Flow,Flow past a heated circular cylinder,NACA0015 with a ZNMF-Jet ,Fuel Rod Bundle,Vertical Heated Pipe ,Flow through a Staggered Tube bundle,SFR Fuel Rods with spiral wire,2D low-Reynolds flow around cylinder,3D Diffuser,Flat Plate Transitional Boundary Layers,Mixed convection in a vertical channel,Asymmetric plane diffuser,Flow over 2D periodic hills,Thermal mixing in a T-junction,Swirling Flow in a Pipe,WATLON Thermal mixing Tee junction,Flow over a 2D hill,2D Rib roughness,Parietal two-phase jet ,Coaxial stable jets loaded with particles ,CERCHAR : Combustion of pulverised Coal in Cerchar's furnace (duplicated, see TestCase056),Genova's pump,Turbulent diffusion flame (Sandia flame),Test,3D AGR Fuel Element,Propane/air diffusion flame,U-bend circular cross section,Diurnal evolution of an atmospheric boundary layer,Pulverised coal combustion in a furnace,Flow through a staggered tube bundle (FEDORA),Convective heat transfer on a disrupted mesh,Open Channel Flow
Type select 3 Experimental, Numerical, Analytical Select the type of the reference solution  
Description text 80   Human readable description (Reynolds, Rayleigh)
Math test select 3 %$\frac{2}{3}$%,%$\sqrt{5}$%,%$2$% test

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