Publish topics from the CfdTm web

  • Name of the URL and folder space inside $TWiki::cfg{PublishContrib}{Dir} and $TWiki::cfg{PublishContrib}{URL}. e.g. test, prod. Defaults to '', so publishes to the top of those.
  • Name of a topic that contains a table that maps topic names to version numbers. This topic can be used to publish specific versions of listed topics.
  • Comma-separated list of wildcard patterns that match the names of topics to include
    • Set PUBLISH_WEB = CfdTm
    • Set WEB = CfdTm
    • Set PUBLISH_INCLUSIONS = TestCase001,TestCase001Res004,TestCase008,TestCase008Res002,TestCase009,TestCase009Res000,TestCase013,TestCase013Res002,TestCase015,TestCase015Res001,TestCase019,TestCase019Res001,TestCase022,TestCase023,TestCase023Res000,TestCase024,TestCase024Res000,TestCase025,TestCase025Res000,TestCase026,TestCase027,TestCase027Res000,TestCase028,TestCase028Res002,TestCase029,TestCase029Res000,TestCase030,TestCase030Res000,TestCase034,TestCase038,TestCase038Res000,TestCase039,TestCase039Res000,TestCase040,TestCase040Res000,TestCase041,TestCase041Res000,TestCase042,TestCase042Res000,TestCase046,TestCase046Res000,TestCase048,TestCase048Res000,TestCase053,TestCase053Res000,TestCase054,TestCase054Res000,TestCase055,TestCase055Res000,TestCase056,TestCase056Res000,TestCase057,TestCase057Res000

  • Comma-separated list of wildcard patterns that match the names of topics to exclude
    • Set PUBLISH_EXCLUSIONS = Web*,Publish*
  • A regular expression that will cause a topic to be excluded if the RE matches the topic content
  • Skin for published HTML
    • Set PUBLISH_SKIN = testcase_publish
  • Comma-separated list of templates to use (defaults to view). Output will be generated for each template in this list (e.g. view,print). Note that VIEW_TEMPLATE will still override the template if it is set in specific topics (See TWikiTemplates).
    • Set PUBLISH_TEMPLATES = view
  • Format to publish in (file, pdf, tgz, zip)
    • Set PUBLISH_FORMAT = pdf
  • If set, additional options that will be passed to the output generator
    • Set PUBLISH_EXTRAS = --foot ...
  • Name of the publish history topic to us. Default is PublishContribHistory

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