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I am having trouble running premixed combustion. I use usebu1, usebui and usebuc along with usini1. But when I run the simulation it comes up with an error saying that usclim is missing. I read it in the manual that ebu does not use usclim at all, but is it still needed to run the simulation. Or there is something else that I need to do?

Regards Umair

-- UmairAhmed - 2010-11-25

Forgot to mention that I am using version 2.0rc2

-- UmairAhmed - 2010-11-25

usclim is needed for the boundary conditions so if you're not using or don't define them in the GUI you should define them in here. The usclim file contains many examples that should help you to set up what you need.

Hope that helps, James

-- JamesMcNaughton - 2010-12-03

James, this is valid for non-reacting flow. But for reacting flow you don't need the usclim file, and you can defined your boundary condition in other subroutines such as usebuc, usd3pc

-- MahmoudAssad - 2010-12-03

Hello, Does the error come from the code itself or simply the scripts ? (i.e. do you have a detailed error message). Best regards, Yvan

-- YvanFournier - 2010-12-05


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