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Dear all,

I do my simulation for periodic boundary conditions, I have use Sylvain's ustsns.f90 subroutine: https://code-saturne.info/products/code-saturne/forums/general-usage/10359587#727725548

but his subroutine is for unsteady flow, I want to simulate steady flow. can you please tell me if it is correct to use the same subroutine and put dt=1! when he calculate dp!

thank you very much

-- NajlaElGharbi - 2011-01-31

Hi Njala, dt is used as a relaxation parameter so you can put 1, but if the changes are very drastic you can use something like 0.1 for example.

-- JuanUribe - 2011-02-01

I thank you Pr Juan for your answer,

So for a steady flow I can write in subroutine: dp = dp + (2.0d0*(debitn-debitref)-(debitn1-debitref))/2.0d0

can you please confirme this writing.

-- NajlaElGharbi - 2011-02-01


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