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Hi, as others, I can't delete files once I've uploaded them on the TWiki, even on my own page. Apparently this topic has been discussed before under the "Introduction" header, but apparently without final solution. Is it still under study or has a solution been found?

-- MarcSakiz - 06 Febr 2008

By clicking on the "Attach" option you can check the box "Do not show attachment in table" this will then remove the attachment table from your page (the attachment will still be there but you will only see it when you click on the attach box)

-- RichardHoward - 07 Febr 2008

I have changed the permissions on the Saturne Web. Now anybody from the saturne group can rename, which is what really happens when you delete a file. The files is still on the server but is moved to a trash folder. I'll ask Tim if we can do the same to the Main Web where the users' accounts are.

-- JuanUribe - 14 Feb 2008

In most cases, the easiest thing to do is just to upload a different file to the same location. Once you are in the attachment page, you can click on the desired file on the field 'manage'. This option lets you upload a new file to the same 'name' or change the properties of the file.

-- JuanUribe - 14 Feb 2008


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