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Hello everybody,

I'm a student of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy. I'm designing an Inertial Impactor for particles sampling so I learned to use Salome Meca on Geometry, Mesh and Post-Pro quite well and I was able enough to run Code-Saturne managing velocity and pressure profiles into through all chambers. Firstly I work with a Steady Flow and Single phase flow; now I would upgrade the result showing particles tracking and deposition insiede the instrument. I aknowledge my low experience in subroutines because I have never used a CFD software before, so I prefer to fill parameters using the GUI.

I read the user's manual of Code-Saturne but there is not so much about GUI.

Where can I find out information about GUI usage?

How can I achieve my purpose using GUI?

What kind of format and software I need to post process my work from Code-Saturne?

N.B. I posted on Caelinux Forum all passages I did in the GUI on Code-Saturne to make a first test, but how you can imagine, I failed. I could post them here too.

I hope someone can help me!


Fabio Paglione

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