This is the first social event, which will take place either Saturday 9th or Sunday 10th of August. Sun is back in Manchester, I think it would be great to plan something this week end as kick-off of CFDTM Social Event series. Depending on the weather and the number of attendees it would be one of the followings (but other suggestions are welcome !)

  • BBQ somewhere in Manchester (George Begg terrace, Platfields Park) (the price of the food, drinks and disposable BBQ to be shared)
  • Hiking in the northern bound of peak District. There is a nice footpath starting from Marsden, just 30mins by train from Picadilly. (the return ticket costs 7). The path takes you uphill and goes down along a river. Nice waterfalls. It takes approximatively 2 hours walking. Then we can relax in a pub of the village and have lunch there.
Depending on the number of attendees, we might get a discount for the train.

P.S: Familly members and friends are welcome to join the event.

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Name email address BBQ or Hiking ? Saturday or Sunday? Comments
Flavien Billard BBQ Saturday
Yacine Addad BBQ Saturday
Mahyar Mahmoodilari BBQ Sunday
Maximilen Siavelis BBQ Saturday
Sakchai Uapipatanakul BBQ Saturday


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