Implementation of the %$C_{as}$% model in the version 1.4

Memory allocated in memcas.F (lifetime: 1 iteration)

Name in calcas.F Stored in Description
DT(NCELET) RA(IDTR) stores the time step, defined in tridim.F
Wi(NCELET) RA(IWi) working arrays %$i \in \{1 \dots12 \}$%
VISCF(NFAC) RA(IVISCF) working array to store the viscosity at inner faces
VISCB(NFABOR) RA(IVISCB) working array to store the viscosity at boundary faces
DAM(NCELET) RA(IDAM) working array for matrix
XAM(NFAC,2) RA(IXAM) working array for matrix
DRTP(NCELET) RA(IDRTP) working array for increment (used?)
SMBR(NCELET) RA(ISMBR) working array for r.h.s
ROVSDT(NCELET) RA(IROVSD) working array for instantaneous term
TSIJ(NCELET,7) RA(ITSIJ) stores %$\frac{DS_{ij}}{Dt}$%, computed in calcas.F
AIJ(NCELET,7) RA(IAIJ) stores %$S_{ij}$% at the current iteration

Memory allocated in memtri.F (lifetime: everlasting)

Name in calcas.F Stored in Description
SIJ(NCELET,7) RA(ISIJ) stores %$S_{ij}$% at the previous iteration, updated in calcas.F

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