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paper Optimizing Code_Saturne computations on Petascale systems, Fournier, Y and Bonelle, J and Moulinec, C and Shang, Z and Sunderland, AG and Uribe, JC, Computers & Fluids, Vol. 45, pp. 103-108, (2011)
paper Computation of Flow in a 3D Diffuser Using a Two-Velocity Field Hybrid RANS/LES , J. C. Uribe, A. Revell and C. Moulinec, Turbulence and Interactions, Vol. 110, pp. 385--391, (2010)
paper Computation of flow around a naca 0015 aerofoil with znmf jet control: Potential savings of an unstructured mesh?, J. Uribe, A. Revell, C. Moulinec, V. Kitsios, A. Ooi, and J. Soria., 6th International Symposium on Turbulence and Shear Flow Phenomena., Seoul, Korea, (2009)
paper Developing a Petaflop Computational Fluid Dynamics Capability for Energy and Environment, Moulinec, C., Sunderland, A. G., Emerson, D., Gu, X., Fournier, Y., Uribe, J. C., International conference on parallel, distributed and grid computing for engineering, (2009)
paper Comparisons of weakly compressible and truly incompressible algorithms for the SPH mesh free particle method, E.-S. Lee, C. Moulinec, R. Xu, D. Violeau, D. Laurence and P. Stansby, Journal of Computational Physics, Available online 19 June 2008. doi:10.1016/, (2008)
paper Simulations of vortex spin-down and Taylor-Green Vortices with Incompressible SPH method, R. Xu, C. Moulinec, P. K. Stansby, B. D. Rogers, D. Laurence, ERCOFTAC SIG SPHERIC III international workshop, (2008)
paper Towards Petascale Computing with Parallel CFD codes, A.G. Sunderland, M. Ashworth, N. Li, C. Moulinec, Y. Fournier and J. Uribe, Parallel CFD 2008, May 19-22, 2008, Lyon, France, (2008)
paper Numerical Simulation of Generic Side Mirror of Car using Large Eddy Simulation with Polyhedral Meshes, Afgan, I., Moulinec, C., Laurence, D., International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids, Vol. 57, (2008)
paper LES of turbulent flow for wall mounted cantilever cylinders of aspect ratio 6 and 10., Afgan I., Moulinec C., Prosser R., Laurence D., I. J. Heat & Fluid Flow, Vol. 28, pp. 561-574, (2007)
paper LES of a flow over a vertically mounted cylinder on a flat plate., Afgan I., Moulinec C., Laurence D., CMFF’06, 13th I.C. on Fluid Flow Technologies, Budapest, September 6-9, 2006, (2006)
paper Large Eddy Simulation of flow across in-line tube bundles., Benhamadouche S., Laurence D., Jarrin N., Afgan I., Moulinec C., NURETH-11 (Nuclear Reactor Thermal-Hydraulics), Avignon FR, Oct. 2005, pp. paper 405, (2005)

Theses, Dissertations and Technical Reports: Theses, Dissertations and Technical Reports:

Presentations: Presentations:

ppt Computation of Flow in a 3D diffuser using a two-velocity field hybrid RANS/LES., Turbulence and Interactions, (June 2009)
ppt Computation of flow around a NACA 0015 aerofoil with ZNMF jet control, _TSFP6, ( 2009)

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