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paper Optimizing Code_Saturne computations on Petascale systems, Fournier, Y and Bonelle, J and Moulinec, C and Shang, Z and Sunderland, AG and Uribe, JC, Computers & Fluids, Vol. 45, pp. 103-108, (2011)
paper Developing a Petaflop Computational Fluid Dynamics Capability for Energy and Environment, Moulinec, C., Sunderland, A. G., Emerson, D., Gu, X., Fournier, Y., Uribe, J. C., International conference on parallel, distributed and grid computing for engineering, (2009)
paper Towards Petascale Computing with Parallel CFD codes, A.G. Sunderland, M. Ashworth, N. Li, C. Moulinec, Y. Fournier and J. Uribe, Parallel CFD 2008, May 19-22, 2008, Lyon, France, (2008)

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