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Research Interests:
Using commercial software (STAR-CD) for laminar-turbulent transition simulations; Implementation and evaluation of laminar-kinetic-energy-based transition models in the industrial Finite-Volume code, Code_Saturne.

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home: C6, C Floor, George Begg, University of Manchester. M60 1QD. ,

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Available information on other models for transitional flows:

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Research Output

Research Publications: Research Publications:

paper The application of laminar kinetic energy to laminar-turbulent transition prediction, C. Turner and R. Prosser, 6th Turbulence, Heat and Mass Transfer conference, Rome, Italy, (2009)

Theses, Dissertations and Technical Reports: Theses, Dissertations and Technical Reports:

book Laminar Kinetic Energy Modelling for Improved Laminar-Turbulent Transition Prediction, Clare Turner, PhD Thesis, The University of Manchester, (2012)
book "Laminar Kinetic Energy" and its Potential for Improving Transition Prediction, C. Turner, Technical Report, University of Manchester, (2008)

Presentations: Presentations:

ppt Performance of two kT - kL - ω models in a separation-induced transition test case, PGR Conference 2010, (June 2010)
ppt Review of the Valeo-CD aerofoil tests, Update after the STAR European Conference 2010, (March 2010)
ppt Laminar Kinetic Energy Models in Code_Saturne, EDF members visit University of Manchester, (May 2009)
ppt Aspects of Transitional flow for External Applications, Weekly Meeting, (June 2008)
ppt A Comparison Between Star-CD and Code_Saturne for the T3A flat Plate, Weekly meeting (26/08/08), (August 2008)
ppt Laminar kinetic energy and its applications to Formula 1, _Code_Saturne User's Conference 2008, (November 2008)

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