When Who What Where notes
 Fri 13/02 11-1pm DL Unstructured Finite Volumes  GBegg C18
 Tue 17/02 2-3pm DL Unst F. Vol  The Mill B19
Fri 20/02 11-1pm DL Finite Elements GBegg C18
Tue 24/02 2-3pm DL Finite Elts in 1D The Mill B19
Fri 27/02 11-1pm DL F.E. in 2D (as Tutorial)
GBegg C18
Tue 03/03 2-3pm BR Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics The Mill B19
Fri 06/03 11-1pm BR SPH GBegg C18
Tue 10/03 2-3pm BR SPH The Mill B19
Fri 13/03 11-1pm BR JU SPH Lab on Computer Cluster GBegg B7
Tue 17/03 2-3pm JU TC Unst grids (Saturne) Tutorial The Mill B19
Fri 20/03 11-1pm JU TC F.V. Lab on Computer Cluster GBegg B7
Tue 24/03 2-3pm DL Compressible Flow Solvers The Mill B19
Fri 27/03 11-1pm DL Compressible GBegg C18

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