Quality and Reliability of Large-Eddy Simulations Series: ERCOFTAC Series , Vol. 12, 2008, Meyers, Johan; Geurts, Bernard; Sagaut, Pierre (Eds.) ISBN: 978-1-4020-8577-2


Table of contents

Part I Numerical and mathematical analysis of subgrid-scale-model and discretization errors. Architecture of approximate deconvolution models of turbulence, by A. Labovschii, W. Layton, C. Manica, M. Neda, L. Rebholz, I. Stanculescu, C. Trenchea

  • Adaptive turbulence computation based on weak solutions and weak uniqueness, by Johan Hoffman
  • On the application of wavelets to LES sub-grid modelling, by Marta de la Llave Plata, Stewart Cant
  • Analysis of truncation errors and design of physically optimized discretizations, by Stefan Hickel, Nikolaus A. Adams
  • Spectral behavior of various subgrid-scale models in LES at very high Reynolds number, by R. Cocle, L. Bricteux, G. Winckelmans
  • Performance assessment of a new advective subgrid model through two classic benchmark test cases, by Luiz E.B. Sampaio, Angela O. Nieckele, Margot Gerritsen
  • Assessment of dissipation in LES based on explicit filtering from the computation of kinetic energy budget, by Christophe Bogey, Christophe Bailly
    we can ask them for their data
  • Optimal unstructured meshing for large eddy simulations, by Yacine Addad, Ulka Gaitonde, Dominique Laurence, Stefano Rolfo
  • Analysis of uniform and adaptive LES in natural convection flow, by Andreas Hauser, Gabriel Wittum

Part II Computational error-assessment * Influence of time step size and convergence criteria on large eddy simulations with implicit time discretization, by Michael Kornhaas, Dörte C. Sternel, Michael Schäfer

  • Assessment of LES quality measures using the error landscape approach, by Markus Klein, Johan Meyers, Bernard J. Geurts
  • Analysis of numerical error reduction in explicitly filtered LES using two-point turbulence closure, by Julien Berland, Christophe Bogey, Christophe Bailly
  • Sensitivity of SGS models and of quality of LES to grid irregularity, by Ghader Ghorbaniasl, Chris Lacor
  • Anisotropic grid refinement study for LES, by Peter Tóth, Máté Márton Lohász

Part III Modelling and error-assessment of near-wall flows * Expectations in the wall region of a large-eddy simulation, by Philippe R. Spalart, Mikhail Kh. Strelets, and Andrey Travin

  • Large eddy simulation of atmospheric convective boundary layer with realistic environmental forcings, by Aaron M. Botnick, Evgeni Fedorovich
  • Accuracy close to the wall for large-eddy simulations of flow around obstacles using immersed boundary methods, by Mathieu J. B. M. Pourquie
  • On the control of the mass errors in finite volume-based approximate projection methods for large eddy simulations, by Andrea Aprovitola, Filippo Maria Denaro

Part IV Error assessment in complex applications * Reliability of large-eddy simulation of nonpremixed turbulent flames: scalar dissipation rate modeling and 3D-boundary conditions, by L. Vervisch, G. Lodato, P. Domingo

  • LES at work: quality management in practical large-eddy simulations, by Christer Fureby, Rickard E. Bensow
  • Quality of LES predictions of isothermal and hot round jet, by Artur Tyliszczak, Andrzej Boguslawski, Stanislaw Drobniak
  • LES for street-scale environments and its prospects, by Zheng-Tong Xie, Ian P. Castro
  • Large eddy simulations of the Richtmyer-Meshkov instability in a converging geometry, by Manuel Lombardini, Ralf Deiterding, D.I. Pullin
  • Quality assessment in LES of a compressible swirling mixing layer, by Sebastian R. Muller, Leonhard Kleiser
  • Accuracy of large-eddy simulation of premixed turbulent combustion, by A.W. Vreman, R.J.M. Bastiaans, B.J. Geurts
  • Mesh dependency of turbulent reacting large-eddy simulations of a gas turbine combustion chamber, by Guillaume Boudier, Gabriel Staffelbach, Laurent Y.M. Gicquel, Thierry J. Poinsot
  • Analysis of SGS particle dispersion model in LES of channel flow, by Jacek Potorski, Miroslaw Luniewski
  • Numerical Data for Reliability of LES for Non-isothermal Multiphase Turbulent Channel Flow, by Marek Jaszczur, Luis M. Portela
  • Lagrangian tracking of heavy particles in large-eddy simulation of turbulent channel flow, by Maria-Vittoria Salvetti, Cristian Marchioli, Alfredo Soldati
  • Large-eddy simulation of particle-laden channel Flow, by J.G.M. Kuerten

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