Teaching Material

Lecture notes, tutorial problems, solutions. Text in RED highlights recent changes.


Lecture Notes Download
Introduction to CFD, discretisation, truncation errors CFD-Intro-Finite-Diff.DL-2006.pdf
Solving linear systems, direct methods, iterative methods Solvers2010-10-25_part1-part2.pdf
Body Fitted (curvilinear) grids, discretisation CFD-body-fitted-grids.pdf

CFD-1 Labs

The ".rap" extension is wrapped Scientific Workplace Format, and only opens with SWP. (start menu, programmes, EPS, MACE, and finaly SWP or Scientific workplace)

CFD-1 Exercises

More Lecture notes, and past exams can be found on Dr. T. Craft's page here: http://cfd.mace.manchester.ac.uk/Main/TimCraftTeachingMaterial

Advanced CFD-2 (TPFE MSc and 4th Year option)

Lecture Notes Download
Unstructured Finite Volumes unstructured-FV-_2011-02-16.pdf
Intro to Finite Elements (1D) Finite-Elemts-1D-2011.pdf
1D FE parabolic (beam Eq) Tutorial) CFD2-Exerc-Parabolic-FE-2011.pdf
F.E. in 2D (Square duct as Tutorial) FE-2D-tutorialstyle2009.pdf
F.E. in 2D (Square duct solution) FE_2D_solution-2007.pdf
Riemann Solvers for compressible flows Characteristics and 1D Euler eqn
Approximate Riemann Solvers charac3godunov.pdf

  • characteristics1-Intro_and_mathematical_appendix-2009.pdf: Introduction to method of characteristics. This extra set of notes is adapted to the 2009 lecture . The application to the 1D Euler equations was moved to the very beginning as it can be performed without the full and general theory. The very general method or methods in applied math-style form is now only an appendix (not examined).
  • NB: The 2D Finite Element notes use Jacobian domain transformation formulae. These can be revisited in CFD-1 lecture note on Body Fitted (curvilinear) grids (see above)

CFD-2 Labs

CFD-2 Exercises, Tutorials
  • FE-P2-beamtutorial2009.pdf: Finite Elements as a Rayleigh-Ritz method (Parabolic F.E. or cosines 1D beam type equation)
  • Finite Volumes: reading, understanding a publication on Gradient Reconstruction. Read pages 1-5 of the following publication and give the detailed explanation of equations (3) and (4) on the reconstruction of the gradient: Muzaferija-Gosman-FV-firstpages-JCP-1997.pdf
    (first few pages of Muzaferija- Gosman JCP 1997)

More CFD notes on Dr. T. Craft's page: http://cfd.mace.manchester.ac.uk/Main/TimCraftTeachingMaterial


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