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EDF and U. Manchester framework agreement

Building on 20 years of collaborations, EDF and U. Manchester have signed, summer 2007, a framework agreement ( ) to coordinate joint research on Energy, Fluids, Structures, Materials or Electrical Engineering, particularly three schools within the University's Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences (EPS),

  • The School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering, (MACE),
  • The School of Materials and The Materials Performance Centre (MPC),
  • The School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE).

We expect to launch of Centre for Modelling and Simulation by end 2009, and as a first step towards this a Chair in Computational Mechanics, part funded by EDF, will be created. (press release)

Modelling and Simulation Software

Several new projects in the area of modelling and simulation are related to the EDF R&D (mostly) open source software:

- Code Saturne for Fluid dynamics: Unstructured finite-volume CFD,

- Code Aster for Solid Mechanics: Finite-element solid and non linear mechanics modelling (damage, plasticity, micro-macro, geo-materials…),

- TELEMAC : Costal, river and hydraulic structures flows. Finite-element wave, current and sediment transport methods

- SPARTACUS : Particle methods for violent free surface motions,

- SALOME Pre- and Post-Processing coupling and multiphysics code coupling,

..... and yet to be tested at Manchester:

- SAFARI : High-order finite-difference methods for compressible flows and acoustics, overset grids for DNS/LES and overset grids

- Open TURNS, an Open source initiative to Treat Uncertainties, Risks’N Statistics

Modelling and Simulation PhD Projects

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