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Flavien Billard

Research Associate

University of Manchester

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mail flavien.billard@manchester.ac.uk
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home School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering
The University of Manchester, B20 George Begg Building
Sackville Street, Manchester, M13 9PL, UK

pic thesis.png Development of a robust elliptic-blending turbulence model for near-wall, separated and buoyant flows
PhD Thesis
Examiners: Prof. M.A. Leschziner and Prof. H. Iacovides
Supervisor: Prof. D. Laurence
Viva: 27th January 2012
Keywords: RANS turbulence model, elliptic blending,
separated flow, buoyancy, near-wall effects
pic hff1.png A robust %$k-\varepsilon-\overline{v^2}/k$% elliptic blending turbulence model applied to near-wall, separated and buoyant flows
Billard, F. and Laurence, D. (2012)
International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow
pic hff2.png Application of Recently Developed Elliptic Blending Based Models to Separated Flows
Billard, F. and Revell, A. and Craft, T. (2012)
International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow

The BLV2K model

Implementation in the lastest Code_Saturne release can be found here


TCL Delta Swept Tests Assessment of RSM




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