TCL model implementation into Code_Saturne


The version of the TCL implemented in saturne is such that results matches those from the version of Stream of Tania (STREAM_Tania) in a channel flow (Re*=395).

TCL validation.png
TCL results, Budget of the Reynolds Stresses, Re*=395. Solid line: Code_Saturne, Crosses: STREAM_Tania

Results of a channel flow case (Re*=395/2000)

stresses channel.png
Predictions of the Reynolds stresses for two Reynolds numbers. TCL (blue) and EBRSM (red) models

Results on the periodic hill case (Reh=10590, 150x172 2D mesh)

Tests of the TCL with and without the Yap correction in the dissipation rate equation. The general conclusion at light of those results is that the current CS implementation of the TCL model yield strongly underpredicted ww quantiies leading to strongly erroneous values of A.


EBRSM streamlines.png
Flow streamlines for the EBRSM model
TCL streamlines.png
low streamlines for the TCL model
TCL MOD streamlines.png
low streamlines for the TCL model (Yap term switched off)


post periodic hill u.png
Prediction of the mean streamwise velocity U
post periodic hill k.png
Prediction of the turbulent kinetic energy k
post periodic hill uu.png
Prediction of the Reynolds stress uu
post periodic hill vv.png
Prediction of the Reynolds stress vv
post periodic hill ww.png
Prediction of the Reynolds stress ww
post periodic hill uv.png
Prediction of the Reynolds shear stress uv
post periodic hill a.png
Prediction of the Lumley Parameter A

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