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paper Experimental and Numerical Studies of In-line Tube Bundles (POSTER), D. Ammour, L. Adjlout, T. Yahiaoui, Code_Saturne User's Meeting. EDF. Paris, FRANCE, (2008)
paper Numerical Simulation Across In-Line Tube Bundle Using The URANS Approach., D. Ammour, Y, Addad, L. Adjlout, 13th International Conference on Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering AMME-13. Ministry of Defense Military Technical College Kobry Elkobbah. Cairo, EGYPT., (2007)
paper Numerical investigation of turbulent natural convection in an inclined square cavity with a hot wavy wall, M. Aounallah, Y. Addad, S. Benhamadouche, O. Imine, L. Adjlout, D. Laurence, Int. J. Heat & Mass Transfer, Vol. 50, pp. 1683-1693, (2007)
paper Free Convection in an inclined square cavity with partial partitions on a wavy hot wall, M. Belkadi, M. Aounallah, O. Imine, L. Adjlout, Y. Addad, PCFD, Int. Journal, Vol. 6, pp. 428-434, (2006)
paper Investigation of Aerodynamic Profiles, D. Ammour, L. Adjlout, Military School E.M.P, Algiers, ALGERIA, (2005)

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