Technology plays a crucial role in the development of mankind; however the technological advancements invariably introduce their own hazards. Present time’s calls for evolution of inherently safe and secure engineered systems as the technological systems of the present day have their own associated disasters. Importance should be directed towards highlighting moral and ethical values which must be imbedded in the work culture in order to avoid such an untoward incident and appropriate damage control measures should be in place to combat the events challenging the design basis and beyond. As obtaining economic advantage is the chief objective so investment of time and money in the area of safety and security is a premium which never goes waste rather acts as stimulus towards reducing down time as well as an insurance which saves the vital assets in the time of need. To enhance knowledge base of technology managers in the area of safety and physical protection, the first week of 34th INSC in 2009 may be devoted for holding series of lecture presentations covering the following topics:
  1. Work Culture: Managing the physical protection aspects and the principle of “Safety First” in all phases of technology implementation by intertwining it in the work culture. All the processes right from concept evaluation, design, fabrication, installation and down to operation as well as decommissioning of a system must be made fully consistent with the safety and security challenges.
  2. Technology: Reliance on inherent safety and physical protection features based on natural principles is prudent. The importance of diverse and redundant engineered features essential in high technology systems can not be over emphasized. It is essential from the stand point of buttressing overall performance; the concept of multi-layer Defense in Depth is the backbone and its implementation needs to be ensured in order to reduce risk in the arena of safety and security.
  3. Reliability Assessment: There is nothing denying of the fact that efficient performance is dependent on safe and secure operation with high degree of reliability. An accurate reliability assessment is of high value for estimating the overall performance thereby identifying opportunities of improvement. Physical protection evaluation and safety analysis of the engineered systems by systematic application of probabilistic and deterministic models enhances value engineered systems by reducing down time and saving asset.
  4. Human Factors: By interacting with engineered systems mankind greatly benefits. Man-machine interface in safety and security areas has to be considered in implementing the engineering solutions. In critical situation passive systems should replace operator action to the extent possible, more so in critical situations. Fault tolerant systems needs features to compensate for unwanted and inadvertent human actions.
  5. Expert Systems: It is high time for the development of expert systems for tackling the safety and physical protection needs. The validation of such evolving systems is also an area demanding immediate attention.

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